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Spokane, WA
Golden Rule Brake makes it a priority to provide you with honest services at a fair price, no matter the vehicle you drive. We can service both hybrids and electric vehicles in our three locations in Spokane, WA, and soon in Post Falls, ID.

If you are driving a hybrid or an electric vehicle (EV), regular front end checks are very important. Due to the build and working parts of EVs, they can be 10% to 20% heavier than regular internal combustion engine cars. This puts extra weight on the tires and the front-end parts.


Because of the additional stress, experts recommend that EV drivers get their suspension system and alignment checked every 6 months. While regenerative brakes are built to last a long time (70,000 to 100,000 for most), some of their components can get worn out due to road conditions – schedule a yearly check to ensure your brakes are in a working order.

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Services Offered

We can perform all the services we offer on both electric vehicles and hybrids. 


Regenerative Brakes are used in hybrids and EVs. They are designed to capture the energy released when braking and use it to recharge the battery, helping increase the mileage one can drive on a single charge.


Due to their batteries, EVs are heavier than most cars. For that reason, experts recommend getting a four-wheel alignment check every 6 months.

Ball Joints 

Ball joints are the pivot point between the wheels and the rest of the suspension system. They can get worn out quicker due to the EVs’ additional weight.

CV Joints

CV joints are parts of the suspension that need periodic checks. In some EVs, the axle nuts holding the joints might loosen due to high torque reversals.


Healthy shocks are important for a smooth ride. For EVs there are innovations like regenerative shocks that help harness energy and boost the EV range.


When worn out, struts are a suspension component that can cause poor handling, problems in turning right, faster tire wear, and misalignment.

Tie Rods

Tracking rods (tie rods) are an essential part of a car’s steering and suspension system that need periodic checks to ensure safe driving experience.


Car wandering left or right when driving on a straight road


Steering wheel pulling, vibrating, feeling loose, staying off-cent


Unusual noises like squeaking, squealing, grinding or thumping


Rougher driving experience


Uneven tire wear
Common Signs of Issues:
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While most hybrids and EVs have brakes pads that can last a long time (70,000 to 100,000 for most), there are other parts of the braking system that can get worn or loosened due to the additional stress caused by the increased weight. If you feel or hear something unusual when braking, it’s best to have the brakes inspected. Ensuring that your regenerative brakes are in a working order can help increase the distance you drive for a single charge. For your peace of mind, a yearly inspection can help ensure that your braking system is working properly.

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