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The Golden Rule simply means: Treat others the same way you yourself would like to be treated. Following this sound advice is beneficial for our relationships with friends and family and yes, in business as well. Golden Rule Brake was founded on this principle in 1954 and it drives everything we do. In addition to holding to this code of conduct as an internal company standard, it's our intention to inspire this principle in the community. We want to promote generosity, kindness, and self-sacrifice in our city.


"The first thing I think of when I think of having my brakes fixed is

Golden Rule Brake."

lester low
harvey low


In February of 1954, brothers Lester and Harvey Low opened Golden Rule Brake. During that first year, Harvey worked the business full-time while Lester worked for ACE Concrete during the day and at Golden Rule in the evenings and on Saturdays. In March of 1955, they moved from Dishman to downtown Spokane on 2nd Avenue and shortly thereafter, Lester quit his job at ACE and went full time into the brake business with his brother. Soon after the move, the business began to pick up and within another year they hired an additional mechanic. Two or three more were hired in the following years. Business was good and growing. By 1960 Harvey had sold his interest in the business to Lester. With the determination to invest, Lester searched for a new location and found a home at 625 N. Monroe. The building was smaller than their current location so it had to be efficient. They moved into the new location in 1961 and didn't miss a beat. Business continued to improve. By the end of 1962, Lester sold the entire business back to his brother Harvey and moved to San Diego and started another brake shop.

jerry low


Harvey faithfully continued to operate Golden Rule Brake until June 1, 1980, when his nephew (Lester's son) Jerry Low acquired the business. Jerry had not been a part of the business since he was 16 years old. Needless to say, he had a lot to learn. With a commitment to honesty and faithfully applying the Golden Rule, Jerry set out to make his own mark in the brake business. In August of 1995 Golden Rule Brake opened its second location in Spokane at 815 E. Francis. The Francis location was doing so well that Jerry decided to build a shop in the Spokane Valley. The 815 N. Pines Rd. location was completed and open for business by July of 1998. This success story has been sprinkled with both fortune and misfortune. The flagship location on Monroe survived the 3 year closing of the Monroe St. Bridge beginning in 2003. Located only two blocks from the bridge, traffic nearly disappeared altogether during those years. However, God sustained the business and in 2005 the bridge was reopened and business picked back up. In June of 2008, a fire devastated this same Monroe location. Nearly a complete loss, it took 6 months to reopen.

In July of 2013 Jerry passed the business on to his son (Lester's grandson) Dallas Low. Like his own father, Dallas' first job when he was a child was sweeping the shop floor and learning the business. Prior to coming back “into the fold”, Dallas operated a non-profit corporation that had him traveling the country and spreading his own entrepreneurial wings. When asked about taking the helm of the business after all these years Dallas said, “I am humbled by the legacy that my family has built in Spokane and will work hard to treat our customers the way I like to be treated, with honesty and respect.”​


dallas low


In 2023 Dallas opened Golden Rule Brake's fourth location in Post Falls.

Come visit us and experience the Golden Rule Brake difference.

Golden Rule Brake has a bright future. They are grateful for their loyal customers and the opportunity to make new ones. Golden Rule Brake is as committed as ever to their core principles and look forward to serving the people of Spokane for a long time to come.

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