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Spokane, WA
Make sure your ride is safe, get your ball joints checked today! Golden Rule Brake can service any make and model vehicle in our three locations in Spokane, WA, and in Post Falls, ID.

Ball joints are a critical part of any car’s suspension and steering. They allow a vehicle’s suspension system to move up or down while the wheels turn left or right. They attach the wheel hub (which the wheel and tire are mounted to) to the rest of the suspension. Load-bearing or normal ball joints, Golden Rule Brake has experienced mechanics who know how to ensure all ball joints on your vehicle are in working order.

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What are ball joints?

Ball Joints are an essential part of the vehicle’s suspension. They act as the pivot point between the wheels and the rest of the suspension system. It’s a connection that moves on two planes: rotating horizontally for steering and vertically for shock absorption. Thus, ball joints are a connection that moves in all directions. What the ball joint itself is, is a polished metal ball that rides in a polished metal cage. There is grease between in the space between the ball and the metal cage to reduce wear, as well as a rubber boot over the joint to keep dirt out. If there is a leak or if dirt enters the joint, it can be damaged.

How often do ball joints need to be checked? 

Ball joints are built to last a long time – often between 70 000 and 150 000 miles depending on road conditions. While there are no set requirements, experts recommend having ball joints periodically checked.

Common Signs of Issues:


Clucking noise that sounds like arrhythmic knocking


Loud squeaking when going over bumps or turning


Poor handling and/or unnatural pulling when driving


Uneven tire wear
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Electric Vehicle (EV) Ball Joints Tip:

If you are driving an electric vehicle (EV), regular front-end checks are very important. Due to the build and working parts of EVs, they can be 10% to 20% heavier than regular internal combustion engine cars. This puts extra weight on the tires and the front-end parts. Because of the additional stress, experts recommend that EV drivers get their (suspension system), including ball joints, checked more often. For many car models that can often sync up with your regular oil change.

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