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Spokane, WA
Get a smooth and safe ride. Get your shocks checked and, if needed, repaired. Golden Rule Brake can service any make and model vehicle in our three locations in Spokane, WA, and in Post Falls, ID.

Shock absorbers are an important part of your suspension system that help you keep control of your vehicle while in motion. Golden Rule Brake has experienced mechanics who use the latest technology to ensure your shocks, and the rest of your suspension system, are in a working order. Monotube, gas charged, foam cell, even regenerative, we know how to fix your shocks. This means that your ride will be smooth and safe ride, no matter how bumpy the road is.

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What are shock absorbers (shocks)?

Shock absorbers are the part of a car's suspension system that dampen vertical vehicle motions and keep passengers from being jostled about when driving on bumpy roads.

How to check your shocks?

Try the bounce test:​

  1. Put pressure on the bumper until the car dips a bit,

  2. Get the car rocking up and down and then release,

  3. The car should stop after only one or two bounces.

  4. If the car continues to move, the shocks could be worn, so it’s time to set up an evaluation with Golden Rule Brake.

How often do you need to check your shocks?

Even on well-paved roads, something we wish was more common in Spokane, shock absorbers can move up or down 1,500 to 1,900 times every mile. Experts recommend having shocks checked every 50K miles, or about once a year.

Common Signs of Issues:


A rougher ride, with excessive vehicle bouncing


Longer quick-stopping distance and/or nose-diving when you apply the brakes


Dripping fluid and/or visible denting
of shocks


Excessive or uneven tire wear
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Electric Vehicle (EV) Shocks Tip:

If you are driving an electric vehicle (EV), regular front-end check ups are very important. Due to the build and working parts of EVs, they can be 10% to 20% heavier than regular internal combustion engine cars. This puts extra weight on the tires and the front-end parts.

Because of that additional stress, experts recommend that EV drivers get their suspension system checked more often (about every 6 months). Due to their structure, EVs also allow for more innovations in the suspension, including shocks: regenerative shocks that help harness energy and boost the EV range. Golden Rule Brake will make it easy to have your shocks fixed, no matter the type.

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