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Spokane, WA
Get the 4-wheel alignment your car needs! Golden Rule Brake can service any make and model vehicle in our three locations in Spokane, WA, and in Post Falls, ID.

Proper tire alignment ensures safer, easier, and predictable car handling, better gas mileage and tire longevity, and overall decrease in stress for the other parts of the vehicle. Misalignment can happen for many reasons, including normal tire wear and the aging of suspension bushings, ball joints, shocks, and struts. Hitting curbs and driving through potholes, something Spokane drivers are very familiar with, also cause alignment issues.

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What Is Alignment?

Alignment is the service that ensures that all 4 tires are parallel, level with the ground, and pointing straight ahead.

Alignment is checked through three main angles:

  1. Toe, the measurement between tires, ensuring they are parallel,

  2. Camber, angle of the wheel, ensuring the wheels are perpendicular to the ground, and

  3. Caster, the angle of steering pivot, ensuring your wheels are pointing straight ahead.


Golden Rule Brake has experienced mechanics who use the latest technology to make sure your wheels are properly aligned.

Common Misalignment Symptoms


A rougher ride, with excessive vehicle bouncing


Vibrating steering wheel


Excessive or uneven tire wear
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Improper alignment is not always obvious. This is why, for most cars, it’s recommended at least once a year, or every 6000 to 10000 miles.

Electric Vehicle (EV) Alignment Tip:

If you are driving an electric vehicle (EV) regular alignment is even more important. Due to the build and working parts of EVs, they can be 10% to 20% heavier than regular internal combustion engine cars. This puts extra weight on the tires and the front-end parts. Because of that additional stress, experts recommend that EV drivers get a four wheel alignment check every 6 months.

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