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(509) 328-3280  - 625 North Monroe St.

(509) 489-4890 -  815 East Francis Ave. 

(509) 928 - 9280 - 815 North Pines Rd.

(208) 777-9773 - 3826 East Seltice Way 

"My pick-up was having a squeaking sound coming from the front. I was not able to identify it. After multiple inspections I was at my wits end. I called Golden Rule and they said bring it down and we’ll take a look at it.


I’m a born and raised Spokane resident still living here with my wife and we plan on being here forever. I’ve heard about Golden Rule Brake for many years over the radio, and I figured any business that’s been in business for almost 70 years, local, and family owned must be doing something right.


They did a very thorough inspection it took a very discerning eye to find what it was, and it was simply a bolt that was coming loose. They also showed me that my struts and some other things including my brakes and rotors are going to need to be repaired down the road. They weren’t due yet, but they were able to show me exactly the status of all those different things."

Trevor | Spokane, WA

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