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"My wife’s car had been basically screaming at us from the back rear wheel. She drives down to Pullman quite often and it was getting worse and worse. My wife said if I didn’t get these brakes to quit squealing, she was going to buy a new car.


I got a text from the guy from Golden Rule Brake, and it came up with some pictures and this is what the issue. Check yes if you want us to do this and this. Fronts need done. Rears need done. It was metal on metal. You could see where the brake pad was gone. It was kind of a top view. You could see the top of the rotor. It was beyond time for repairs. I feel good about Golden Rule Brake guys doing the work because you hear Golden Rule stands behind their work. So that feels really good. 


My wife told me I’m going to go buy a new car if this thing doesn’t get fixed. Well, she doesn’t want to buy a new car now."

Tod | Worley, ID

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