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"I went to Golden Rule Brake down on Monroe to get my rear brakes fixed. I had asked, you know, around, if anyone knew a good place to go get brakes and it was almost universal. Everyone said to go to Golden Rule Brake. One of the big things that was emphasized from a lot of my friends was honesty. And I will say that after leaving Golden Rule, I do believe that is the biggest draw for me.


I was very stressed out, you know. I was worried it was going to be, oh, I don’t know, a couple of grand, just because I’m used to bad experiences with mechanics. You know, dishonest pricing and all, and going to Golden Rule it ended up being way cheaper and I think the quality of service we got, way better than anything we’ve gotten from other companies around here. I would absolutely recommend Golden Rule Brake to anyone willing to listen."

Brittney | Spokane, WA

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