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"I had always wanted a Tesla and I knew I could never really afford one at my age. So, what I did is convince my parents to buy a wrecked one from the insurance yard and over a couple months I rebuilt the car in my garage.


So, after I had an alignment issue, I took it to Golden Rule Brake and they did it for me, and did a fantastic job. At first, I messaged Tesla through their mobile app, and they said that an alignment will be $300, and I was like, that’s something I don’t want to spend that much money on, and so I called Golden Rule Brake, the Francis location. They were the only shop besides Tesla that would do an alignment on the car.


I would recommend Golden Rule almost to anybody I know. Their prices are great, their service is great and its someone I can trust and I really believe that they have amazing service and they always do a great job."

Winston | Spokane, WA

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